Planning your kids party and looking for ideas? Grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and let’s look at what’s hot this season in the world of kid parties.

Our all-time favorite kid’s party for both boys and girls is a Video Game Truck party. What kid doesn’t love to play video games? Imagine a day filled with laughter and joy as 24 players join in to play together across 6 screens in a completely self-powered and climate-controlled theater. No need to worry about rain or blazing Florida heat which can be a real challenge when planning those spring or summer birthday parties. Young gamers can partake in a friendly race in Mario Kart 8 or jump on the field to play some football in Madden 19 or even get a slam dunk on NBA 2K19. The possibilities are endless from dancing to sports or racing and yes even Fortnite. Let the parents sit back and relax or even join in fo

r a couple of rounds! Either way this is one party that will take the cake!

Second runner up for popular party ideas is mobile laser tag. This fun and active game is a perfect way to get the kids off the couch and outside running around. Mom might even up her daily step count by joining in for a round or two! Laser tag centers have been a long standing go-to in the world of kid’s parties. The only drawback is getting everyone and everything to the center. Lugging the kids, cake, goodie bags and presents kind of takes away from the fun. That’s where mobile laser tag enters the picture. You get to spend the day enjoying the party at home while playing right in your own backyard! Definitely a winner!

Whatever type of party you decide try to keep in mind that the kids won’t notice the little details that drive us moms crazy when planning. They will only remember spending time with their friends and how great you are for making their day so special! Happy planning!

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