Minecraft Education Edition- not just for free time anymore

by Dec 24, 2016Education0 comments

If you have kids, then you certainly know how much they all love Minecraft! I still haven’t quite figured the game out myself although every party we go to I always learn a few new tricks and tips from the young guests. We had Lincoln Logs and Legos growing up and I remember fondly many hours sprawled on the living room floor creating majestic towers or horse farms. I get the draw that the game offers to players and love the fact that it encourages creativity and planning. For years, my own son has been playing and loves to tell me he has been since the game was in beta testing back in 2010. I think they have taken the game to the next level of brilliance with the classroom addition. Finally, a way to get the kids truly engaged in learning through their favorite game!

I took a minute to check out the site and was very impressed with what I saw. From lesson plans targeted to specific age ranges and subject area to class collaboration, communication and enhancing critical thinking skills. The lessons are well planned and include both class and individual learning opportunities. My favorite lesson so far is the Deforestation module. What an amazing way for kids to learn about the world around them and then have an opportunity to express their interpretation and understanding of the material by creating their own Minecraft world. Math, science, language arts, tech, music and the topics go on and on. I wish it had been around while mine was still in school.

So, peek and see if it is something that your little gamer would like. Anything to get them engaged in learning is a good thing. Enjoy them while they are young and really listen to all those things that are so important to them. In a blink, they will be all grown up and off into the real world to craft out their niche in life.


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