Overwatch Launch Road Trip

by May 25, 2016Game release0 comments

We had an opportunity this past weekend to take an impromptu road trip up to Jacksonville for the Overwatch launch event. I am ashamed to say that before my Game Coach Joey mentioned it I really didn’t know a lot about the game other than Blizzard Entertainment created it. I took a few minutes to look at some trailers and suddenly I was hooked! I loved the character development and story line. The artwork is beautiful with rich and magnificently designed maps to carry you through the game on a most awesome quest.

I loved watching all of the shorts at the opening. We really had a chance to get to know the characters better and get a glimpse into their world. They did an amazing job with character development. I think that is my favorite part of video games. Not only do you get to escape to another place but you get to know the individual characters, their history and what they believe in. It really enhances the aspect of gaming.

“The fight for the future is now” What an awesome theme! Teams of heroes banding together to fight and protect their world. Each bringing a unique skill and motivation for their battle. So far I am conflicted over which character is my favorite. So far Mei- a fearless scientist and adventurer who has taken the responsibility for preserving the environment into her own hands is at the top of my list. She has the awesome ability to Cryo-Freeze herself to protect against attacks. But I am really envious of her Endothermic Blaster! Seriously- who hasn’t dreamed of something like that while in a busy grocery store on a Saturday morning? I also have a bit of a soft spot for Winston. Such a big and gentle soul. I particularly enjoyed getting a peek into his history with young Dr. Winston and how he contributed to his compassion for humanity. “The theme of the game is intriguing also. As the world teeters on the brink of anarchy a new hope arises. An elite International Task Force is charged with ending the war and restoring liberty to all nations”.  Sounds like we could use Overwatch in our world too.

I can’t wait to play the game and see all the adventure that awaits! Take a minute to check out the shorts and comics on their site. I hope you’ll love it as much as I did!

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