Spring Is In The Air

by May 10, 2016Game release0 comments

Spring is in the air and everyone is starting to think ahead to summer plans. Parents and kids alike are asking the same age-old questions. Where should we go on vacation? Is school out for summer? Do I really need to sit next to him? Are we there yet?

Here at Rolling Video Games St Pete we have some slightly different plans for the warmer summer months. We are anxiously awaiting the release of Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games on 6/24/16. Let’s face it folks Mario playing Beach Volleyball is sure to be fun! How about Bowser gearing up for a rowdy game of Rugby. Do you think Princess Peach can take him? Another game we are watching for the X Box 1 is Dangerous Golf by Three Fields Entertainment which releases 6/3/16. If you were a fan of Burnout then this may be a game you want to check out. I spent a bit of time watching the trailers this morning and it looks pretty fun in a destructively therapeutic way. Just saying, that indoor golf with the goal of annihilating things can be a good stress reliever! We hope that as plan some great summer parties you will keep in mind that your friends and family are sure to be impressed for having our Awesome Game Truck at your event! Just think- you can sit down in the air-conditioning with me and play some Golf!dreamstime_xs_58547344

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